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‘Holistic Wellness with Purnima’ is a program specially curated for women & is based on the philosophy of looking at health in a holistic way – Body & Mind. The program emphasizes 5 daily practices for overall well-being: Movement, wholesome nutrition, breathwork, meditation & journaling.


Movement is medicine. And in this program, you will get an opportunity to move in different ways, exploring different styles of movement..

Wholesome Nutrition

Food is medicine and, in this program, you will learn to build a good relationship with food that will help you enhance your health..


While the body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness. A breathwork practice will help calm your nervous system..


Meditation is a great tool to center the mind, build focus and improve awareness. Participants will be encouraged to have a meditation practice..


The practice of journaling can help you process your thoughts better and improve self-awareness. There is power to writing & in this program..

Program Pricing

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes: Monthly

₹ 2500 + GST (18%)

Virtual Classes: Monthly

₹ 2500 + GST (18%)

In-Person Classes

In-Person Classes: Quarterly

₹ 9000 + GST (18%)

In-Person Classes: Monthly

₹ 3250 + GST (18%)

Program Pricing

Virtual Classes

Health Challenge Calendar for 2023

‘30 Day Movement Challenge’ This challenge will help you become more conscious of adding movement into your day. You will build a 40 min walking practice along with cultivating the habit of adding intermittent workouts into your day.

Health Challenge Calendar for 2023

‘30 Day Sleep Challenge’ This challenge will help you learn good sleep habits. You will develop a sleep routine and create a better environment that will ensure quality sleep.

On Demand Videos

You can choose to opt for ‘On Demand Videos’ once you have taken a minimum of 3 months of regular classes (Virtual or In-person) with me. You will be provided the link to the day’s recorded class video, to practice at your convenient time.

On Demand Videos: Quarterly

₹4200/- + GST (18%)

In-Person Classes: Monthly

₹1500/- + GST (18%)

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