Holistic Wellness

Client Stories

“There is nothing more important in life than living a disease-free life. I am grateful to be part of the ‘holistic wellness program’ that made me change my eating habits, and brought my long-term sugar and cholesterol levels under control. Other benefits I have experienced are the ability to climb stairs without feeling exhausted, relief from knee pain, plantar fasciitis and spondylo arthritis. I don’t need to take medications for pain, feel happy to work out and dance that has driven my post-partum depression away, gained uninterrupted sleep, and being mindful of my daily activities is helping me keep anxiety at bay.

Overall, I have achieved a good quality life.
Dr. Manoranjitha Kumari
“It’s been a year since I have been using the On-demand videos for my daily training with Purnima. It is just amazing to see my body becoming stronger each day. I carry heavier bags during shopping. I can see the difference in my stamina too. I start my day fresh and continue all my activities with full energy. My monthly cycles which were irregular earlier have become normal. I am happier, calmer and stronger than before.”
“I took a break of almost two years because of COVID, gained weight and lost a lot of my confidence. Ever since I restarted training with Purnima, I feel more content, a lot more confident and have begun to notice inch loss as well. I now have the hope of becoming healthier and fit again. “
Deepa Murugan
“I can’t believe that I have completed 2 years of my fitness journey with Purnima. I never thought I could lose my post pregnancy weight and will look the same as I was seven years before. When office reopened, I even thought of discontinuing since time management was an issue, and I moved my morning classes to evening. But something kept me going. Thanks to Purnima and our group for the inspiration. Now after 2 years when I see myself, I feel more energetic, healthy and number of visits to the hospital is also minimal, which is a great achievement as I am asthmatic. It has been an incredible journey so far and I am looking forward to many more. “
Nisha K
"As I look back into these 2 years of training with Purnima, it has been a journey I never imagined or thought I would stick to. I was a little sceptical when I started. But it didn't take me too long to understand, accept and just trust the process. Movement has become more spontaneous now, be it a slow focused toe drop or a fast-paced Zumba. I see a visible difference in my physical strength and stamina. Activities around the house are no longer strenuous. The mental and emotional well-being practices have done their part as well in these couple of years. Being mindful has made me savour a moment, enjoy little things in life or feel the impact of any movement during a workout. Self-love has altered my perspective from how I look to how I feel. I appreciate, respect, accept and move away much better than before. Little health-conscious daily practices have given a sense of satisfaction for doing something right. Having someone to trigger and reiterate these little things helps tremendously. With 2 sessions in a day or their recordings, I have been able to catch up as much as possible when I miss classes. To me, this is flexibility at its best. Purnima - Thank you is still a very small word for your efforts in helping me and others identify our strengths and streamlining them towards better health. And to add on, the group never lets me feel alone in my journey and there's at least one partner in crime anytime. Ha ha"
Deepa Bhuvanesh
“It’s been an incredible journey with Purnima so far. In terms of losing weight which was my primary goal I am not certain I have lost as many kgs as I thought I should have but I have become much stronger and way more aware of my body, what I consume and certainly have a much better understanding of what fitness should be. I have started this exercise of jotting down my daily intake of food and my exercise. Self-awareness is my biggest takeaway from Purnima’s classes. Her dedication and commitment to each student of hers is commendable.
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